Vacation is just around the corner.

Vacation is just around the corner.

From the entrance, there was many things to think.

And some of them are not solved.

This vacation will be a time for thinking.

I want to solve all ploblem to the end of vacation.



Writing somethings are tiresome

 I don’t like write somethings on website where there is no reaction of others.

Writing and saying are ways for communication.

I wanna communication in Korean with people who has reaction.

I think Writing and saying without others’ reaction is extremely stupid behavior.

Drinking With Friends.

 Drinking make people feeling funny,

But, large amount of drinking make people feeling sick.

So, at night I usually saw some tippler on my coming home way

With friends, however, they pick their friend who are drunken to their home.


 2 years ago, I was sleeping almost all day.

At that time, I slept more than 20 hours of day.

And these days, I feel tired that I felt 2 years ago.

These days, all things are tiresome.

Eating meal, attend to class and playing with friends etc…

All thing are tiresome.

What is important?

I have an very important thing to do in this year.

For that, I’v absent whole class the past two weeks.

These days, I’m sometimes thinking that what is important for me.

Anonymity on the Internet

 I want to talk about ‘Anonymity on the Internet’ today.

May 12, I was gone to amusement arcade my friends.

And today I saw the writing on the internet which containing video.

That writing say that my friend and I cut in line.

And writer attached my friend’s playing video, and insulting him.

That writing make me angry.

Because of anonymity, however, I can’t connecting with writer.

The most important thing in advicing

 In my thinking, The most important thing in advising is adviser’s ability.

There is many advisers who are not good at that topic’s basic ability.

These person’s advice is not trustworthy.