These days i’m leaning about MATLAB

 These days i’m leaning about MATLAB, which is the program for calculation and making figure.

Some hours ago, I submit an assignment of MATLAB lecture.

It’s about calculate some question by using MATLAB.

Like, following counting formular


>> a=3.7;
>> b=12.6;
>> c=1.06;
>> (-b+sqrt(b^2-4*a*c))/2*a

ans =



 It can be hard to calculate these with MATLAB at first.

But, I have the experience of using ‘Mathematica’ and ‘Wolfram Alpha’, which is the program like MATLAB.

So, I could finish the assignment of that lecture.

I’m feeling nice about these days MATLAB lecture.;In fact I like these programs and I already look forward to study these programs.


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