I’ll introducing about ‘North American Video game crash of 1983’ today.

I’ll using the word ‘Atari Shock’ for this incident. (Many Asian gamers using this word for indicating today’s topic.)

Atari was a very big game produce company of that time.

Atari thinks that their games are best in the game market, and that was right in the time.

But, with getting on it, Atari was being conceit and Nolan Bushnell’s leaving, remaining  their excutives are layperson of video game.

They were ignoring their game producer’s value.

So, they changed producer’s carefree working environment to strict one.

And the new games were becoming rubbish.

With this changing many game producing companies were founded.

Atari was threatened from this environment, and Atari decided the strategy which was “Just making a number of games”.

Many game producers are leaving Atari, and finally their remaining game producers were newcomers.

With this environment, Atari were publishing many rubbish games.

And these rubbishes are not selled with buyers complaint.

Because of huge stock  Atari is destroyed and U.S.A’s video game market also destroyed with them.


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