Next day, my midterm exam is begin.

Next day, my midterm exam is begin.

It’s my first exam on my univ life.

This fact makes me whirl.


I lost wallet yesterday

I lost my wallet yesterday at amuse arcade.

In amuse arcade, many men are put thier wallet or ID card for lining up.

I also put my wallet on the side of gamepad.

Then I was gone to cash changer for changing my bill to coin.

When I came back in line, there is no men and my wallet is disappeared.

Manny Pacman Pacquiao



I want to say about ‘Manny Pacman Pacquiao’ today.

He is boxer who conquer eight weight division at first; it include minor organization’s league.

Regardless of the kind of sports, he has number-one awareness in Asian.

The reason is boxing is ecumenically popular sports, and especially his most games are wonderful.


Yesterday, I participated in Walkathon in ‘Dongdaemun-gu’.

It hold at every years spring.

Residents are Participate in this event, and Sponsor give some presents for participants. (Yesterday gifts are nosh and nail clipper set)

Amusement Arcade

Today I went to game center with my friends in a long time.

When I live at Eunpyeong-gu, amusement arcade is so open for many people.

But, these days that’s so unsociable.

Just game manias going to amusement arcade in today.

Game Center

I visit the game center today in a long time.

When I live at my home town, I was often going game center for play the Tetris.

Wiki Wiki

 I Want to say about Wiki Wiki today.

Wiki Wiki means a bundle of web page that users can post some joint papers with easy markup language in Web-Browser.

The first Wiki Wiki that settle in Korea is ‘No-smok'(

It was ranked in the top 10 in the whole world Wiki Wiki. (but, in now their pages are not updated. With Wikipedia’s entering in Korea, this site was collapsed.)